Our speakers will be sharing their experiences, strategies and knowledge. Who are you going to watch?

Sean Ellis

Author Hacking Growth, Interim VP Growth

Leah Tharin

Head of Product, Jua

Yaakov Carno

Founder, Valubyl

Jason Knight

Founder, One Knight Consulting

Melissa Kwan

Cofounder and CEO, eWebinar

Maja Voje

Founder, Growth Lab

Ben Williams

Advisor, PLGeek

Ashley Cheng

Head of Growth, Usersnap

Büşra Coşkuner

Founder & Product Coach, Trainer, Educator at Producteer, busra.co

Brandon Dohman

Consultant, dynamiccorporateleader

Yoel Eilat

Product, Growth, PLG Advisor, Everything Product

Sandra Hinz

Co-Founder, Product Leader, Value Rebels

Peter Ikladious

Co-founder, Unlocking Growth, unlockinggrowth.co

June Kim

Software Engineer & co-author, june.kim

Dave Martin

Founder, righttoleft.io

Audrey Melnik

Co-Founder, Unlocking Growth, unlockinggrowth.co

Malte Scholz

Co-Founder & CEO, airfocus

Matt Tse

Principal Product Manager, Atlassian

Else van der Berg

Founder, www.sonderhouse.io

Kris Szyszkiewicz

Partner, Valueships