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Founder, One Knight Consulting

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Jason Knight is a 22-year veteran of tech & product who has worked for big corporates and scrappy startups. He has been building disruptive B2B products for years and is completely in love with product management. A pragmatic idealist, he has long since realised that product management isn’t always like the books and is passionate about helping product managers, and product companies, survive in the real world.

By day, Jason is a product coach and consultant who works with startups and scale-ups to help them build great products and build great teams that build great products. By night he speaks to some of the biggest names in and around product management, as well as inspirational leaders, founders and practitioners on his podcast One Knight in Product. He’s also the co-founder of My Mentor Path, a platform that aims to make mentoring accessible to all.


Product Managers should always make progress

03 October 2023, 08:30 PM
Jason Knight