Peter Ikladious

Co-founder, Unlocking Growth, Peter Ikladious is one of the co-founders at Unlocking Growth, a growth consultancy helping start-ups through to established companies drive growth through Product-Led concepts.

About this speaker

Peter Ikladious is one of the co-founders of Unlocking Growth. Prior to co-founding Unlocking Growth, he held executive positions leading Marketing at SafetyCulture and building outgrowth at IBM, where he drove a PLG agenda across 350 SaaS, software, and hardware products. 

His earlier career in media, telco, and software development has also informed the cross-disciplinary approach he takes to Growth, whether he's helping product teams, marketing teams, sales teams, or customer success.


How the marriage of sales teams with product, drives 400% growth

03 October 2023, 07:30 PM
Peter Ikladious