Peter Ikladious

How the marriage of sales teams with product, drives 400% growth

A Talk by Peter Ikladious (Co-founder, Unlocking Growth,

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Unlock the secret to driving exceptional growth by marrying sales teams with product in Peter's groundbreaking talk, "How the Marriage of Sales Teams with Product Drives 400% Growth." Contrary to popular belief, Product Growth extends beyond self-serve experiences.

Peter reveals the vital role that sales plays in supporting a product-led motion, dispelling common myths along the way. Through real-life examples, he will guide you on a journey to create a cohesive go-to-market strategy that combines product-led experiences with a sales team.

03 October 2023, 07:30 PM

07:30 PM - 08:00 PM

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Peter Ikladious

Peter Ikladious

Co-founder, Unlocking Growth,

Peter Ikladious is one of the co-founders at Unlocking Growth, a growth consultancy helping start-ups through to established companies drive growth through Product-Led concepts.

Peter Ikladious