Anthony Pierri

How to Rewrite Your Homepage with Sharper Positioning & Messaging

A Talk by Anthony Pierri (Co-founder & Partner, FletchPMM)

About this Talk

You probably know your homepage is confusing. But you're probably not sure how to fix it.

• You've got multiple stakeholders who want different things to be on it.

• Your product is complicated and has lots of features.

• Your company serves lots of different types of customers.

How do you take all this information and organize it into a clear and concise homepage? Anthony Pierri and his partner Rob Kaminski have helped over 200 companies with their positioning, messaging, and homepage creation. Their value proposition frameworks have been used by hundreds of marketers from pre-seed startups to publicly-traded enterprises.

On October 8, Anthony will cover their framework and approach, including:

1. How to position your product

2. How to craft your key value propositions

3. How to translate these outputs to a clear and compelling homepage Founders, marketers, product managers, and anyone else interested in the essential tools of product marketing will benefit from attending.

08 October 2024, 07:30 PM

07:30 PM - 08:00 PM

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Anthony Pierri

Anthony Pierri

Co-founder & Partner, FletchPMM

Anthony Pierri