Maja Voje

What is the Go-to-Market Strategy for AI Products?

A Talk by Maja Voje (Founder, GrowthLab)

About this Talk

Hate it or love it - AI is here to stay. GTM veteran and best-selling author Maja Voje will present you with a case study from the trenches of an AI-first product.

During the session, we will tackle the market specifics of AI-first products, ICP selection, product value proposition, pricing and packaging specifics, positioning, and finally - how to select the right GTM motion for your AI products. The case will be packed with insights and provide valuable learnings for all companies that are either thinking, implementing, or scaling artificial intelligence to their value proposition.

Probably one of the most interesting questions we will tackle Should "AI" be at the heart of your value proposition - a differentiator or not and how to package this in your pricing.

08 October 2024, 07:00 PM

07:00 PM - 07:30 PM

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Maja Voje

Maja Voje

Founder, GrowthLab

Maja Voje